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Jurong Lake District (JLD), Jurong Innovation District (JID) and Tuas Port to create business and employment opportunities.


Woodland is regional centre. Green neignbourhoods and peaceful forest trail to feel away from the city.

North East

Great connectivity to the city centre and other parts of Singapore. Nature activities for prawning, cycling etc.


Good job opportunities at Tampines Regional Centre, Changi Business Park, and the industrial estates at Paya Lebar, Loyang and Jewel Changi Airport.


Singapore's business and financial district, and home to leading international businesses and financial institutions.

What Our Landlord Say


" Comfyrooms always well take care my unit, very punctual monthly rental payment and no hassle for me as they handle all the minor wear and tear issue. "


" Rent out my unit to Coliving company, initial quite concern it until I deal with them and it change my mind. Highly recommend Comfyrooms for prompt monthly rental payment and they handle the tenant. "


" Good choice for me as investor. Hassle free and punctual monthly rental received. "


" No issue for me to deal with Coliving company. Save a lot of my time. "

Mr Chen

" First time rent to Coliving and I went down to view the unit. It is nice decorate with simple and modern concept. Since day once till now, very punctual rental payment "


" Comfyrooms direct deal with MCST and handle all the hassles. I am happy to renewal the lease with them. "

Mr Chan

" This is one of my investment property in Singapore, I am not stay in Singapore. Good option for me to rent out to Coliving company and help me to manage my unit and most important is very prompt monthly rental to offset my monthly installment. Thanks! "

Mrs Lim

" I am running this concept 30 year back. I am confident to let them to manage my unit with NO worries at all. "

Mr Leong and Mrs Leong

" Rent out my unit to Comfyrooms for 3+2 year, very responsive and steady. "

Co-living has emerged as an innovative lifestyle choice that combines personal and shared spaces in Singapore. One of the leading organizations in this evolving niche, Comfy-Rooms, offers a combination of comfort, bonding and practicality for city dwellers. This approach to housing does not only improve living standards but also introduces an affordable co-living option in one of the busiest cities on earth. Co-living at Comfy-Rooms is designed to create community while providing space for individual residents. It allows inhabitants to have their own bedrooms whilst making use of communal facilities like kitchens, sitting areas and working places. In short, this design aims at promoting a sense of communal living through enabling residents to interact with each other freely. Comfy-Rooms is founded on the principle of affordability in coliving. Unlike traditional homes available in Singapore, Comfy-Rooms provides cheap accommodation that remains high quality as well as convenient in terms of location. Utilities, broadband internet and cleaning services bills are included in one single payment, reducing the financial burden for tenants and simplifying monthly payments as well. This pricing structure appeals particularly to young professionals and expatriates looking for easy-going residence. Additionally, Comfy-Rooms properties are strategically located near public transportation means, commercial hubs and recreational spots hence offering convenience to its residents. Besides fully furnished co-living spaces featuring state-of-the-art equipment such as security alarms among others; all these houses have modern amenities that make it more attractive for example ultra-modern appliances such as washing machines among others besides eco-friendly systems which can be found within them. These facilities cater for needs of occupants but also portray how the company values its commitment towards sustainability and innovation. Community activities are frequently organized by Comfy-Rooms aimed at integrating the residents thereby creating a support system for everyone residing there. They include workshops, seminars parties or cultural tours among many others that make up vibrant inclusive culture associated with co-living. Community aid and personal growth are the aspects of residential services that differentiate Comfy-Rooms. Comfy-Rooms ensures safety and privacy. With 24/7 security and individual access control, tenants can enjoy a safe environment. Each co-living space is made in such a way that privacy is upheld while encouraging socialization and shared living. For those interested in community involvement but unwilling to give up their private life this well balanced approach suits them best. Basically, Comfy-Rooms strives to be more than just another provider of co-living spaces; it also aims at being the pioneer of lifestyle change. By redefining residential living through community building, affordable options, and strategic locations, Comfy-Rooms is setting a new standard for accommodation in Singapore. The embodiment of contemporary communal convenient living within the global city center can be found at Comfy-Rooms for either long or short term stay purposes that you may require.